Thursday, May 28, 2009

My lagging motivation has been kicked to the curb!

Haven't blogged in a while. I guess life has kept me busy. LOL....
But i wanted to come by and tell you all about 3 amazing workout dvd's I bought over the weekend, they are all by Jillian Michaels..
1. 30 day Shred - Consists of 3 levels. I did level one on Tuesday. Very good and intense. I was sweating like crazy. I wasnt too sore yesterday either. I can not wait to do it again. 
2. Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism - This one is amazing! A whole body workout! I did it today for the first time. She KICKED my butie! i was exhausted afterward, the whole time i was cursing her out. But loving it at the same time. It was about an hour total. 
3. No more trouble zones -  I have not done this one yet! But i will by the weekend and update everyone! I am sure its as good as the other two. 
If you need to make a change in your workout, i HIGHLY recommend her dvd's! I bought them at Target for $15 each. They were well worth it. If you want to see small part of it go to the following link to check them out: