Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random thoughts

So today it is 100 farking degrees....way too hot for me to be outside! So today the 4 of us stayed inside (with the cool a/c) and hung out... On the agenda was to be see the past few weeks i have been slaving my freaking butt off fixing C-1 the heat, in my bdu's, in a hot, no a/c having, stinky warehouse. Did i mention there were close to 300 bags to fix and only myself and the two civilians i work with did the job??? um yeah, cos the other folks were being lazy fucks sitting in the a/c office playing on the net, email, talking and texting on their cells. Oh and please we did ask for one came, all we got was excuses! Same crap different days. YEAH! That is what i deal with on a DAY to DAY basis. I really hope we get orders out of here SOON! Well Tonio is out of school for the summer, this year was a close one. He almost had to repeat but thankfully he held his grades up, tried hard and passed to 5th grade!!! That's to hang out and watch a movie and eat dinner. We are having Chick Fil A!!! YUm!