Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Insanity or Insane???

Am I insane or just ready for a good butt-kicking?? Not sure. :D Well this all started back in February.. I was working 12's in a phase 1 when i overheard some SNCO's talking about Insanity.. soon as i heard killer workout i popped my head upn and was given a quick brief. SO like any other workoutaholic i ran to the computer and googled Insanity. I was immediately excited.... yet scared to try this new workout as i have tons of workout videos. However we had just purchased a new 47 in tv...
and was excited to work it out. I ordered the set along with the Hip Hop ABS (also with Shaun T)...Out of all the workout vids i own i absolutely love the ones with Shaun T. He is motivating, a good instructor and hot. Well the box with Insanity and HHA came...and i felt intimidated. So i started doing the HHA every morning. I was addicted.Fast forward to two weeks ago on a friday...i was in our main bldg and the CC's secretary waddles by like she is sore. SHe said she was doing Insanity. Right then and there i stopped being scared and started that night.So now i am on day 13..and LOVING IT! ***DISCLAIMER- do not use Insanity if you have knee, ankle injuries************This workout is NO JOKE. It is super intense, high intensity. You will sweat your butt off. My heartrate is constant in the 130-140's (which is 70-85%). I love it. Before Insanity I hated getting up before 6 am to workout. But now i am up at 5 to get my insanity done. There have been times when i have done the workouts twice in one day. The great thing about this workout is there is no equipment, you dont need alot of room(i did this in a tiny space in a hotel room). You just have to be ready to work it out. My work clothes and regular clothes are swimming on me. My body has tightened up all over. One guy at my gym does it and lost 20 lbs in the first 3 weeks. Since i have alot of muscle i dont notice a big weight difference. BUT my clothes are 3 times too big on me. Dresses i havent worn in a year are too big. Even my shoe size went down a size. As far as eating goes, the Insanity package comes with a nutrition booklet that breaks down how many calories you need to eat while doing the workout program. It also gives you recipes and options of what to eat at each meal (5 meals total). The only suggestion i would make is dont eat right before you do any of the workouts. As a distance runner, i thought this might kill me. BUt it has actually helped me with my endurance and made me a little faster. Also, every morning after my Insanity workout i go to PT and run sprints/up to 3 miles everyday. I will post a review of each video by the weekend. I wanted to do my new one today first (Cardio Abs). That's it...for now! If you have any questions....please feel free to comment or shoot me an email. :D