Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes life throws you lemons.....

Last July i was sent to CST (combat skills training) in Wisconsin for a month then straight over to Balad, Iraq from there. It was a last minute tasking as I only had two weeks to get my gear, pack up and leave to CST. It was not a fun thing! It was very painful to leave my husband and two sons. Especially the baby who was only 11 months old at the time. But i had no choice. There were sooo many ups and downs. Being in that type of environment does make you appreciate and value the lives we have in the US. Some of you may be rolling your eyes....Yes the US is in rough economic times.....but we can go out and do as we please! We dont live in filth, walk a mile to a shower only to walk back to your CHU and be dirty again with the wind and sand blowing. Or walk around the corner to use a porta potty cos the regular bathrooms are too far or that maybe all their is.  Maybe its good that we are going through this recession, so people become more appreciative of the life they have instead of complaining of what we dont have. I know i use to be like that. I know that the 7 months i lived in Iraq were very eye-opening and inspiring. Instead of looking at the glass half empty i am thankful it is half FULL! 
Case in point.......in February of this year (a month before i was due home) my husband found out he was deploying to Afghanistan and would be leaving BEFORE  i returned home. Of course i am pissed at the AF.....but seriously we have to be thankful. Since this recession has started millions of people are being laid off their jobs....my husband and I have had the opportunity to travel and work in another country and make a good chunk of money for our future. I do miss him like crazy. I am hurt that the AF didn't at least let him stay long enough to see me come in. But i was able to take leave last week and go see him in New Jersey before he deployed. It was a good visit.  
We as a country have to come together to find the flowers among the weeds. Everyday is a struggle for me to find the good things, but it could be worse. I could be back in Iraq, wearing PT gear or ABU's, eating DFAC food, working everyday with no days off, praying every night that a mortar won't hit my CHU tonight so i can make it home alive. 
So when i get lemons, i need to make lemonade!!!!