Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some thoughts...

Over the last week, something was posted on FB that REALLY angered me! Now I can tell you one thing, It takes ALOT to get me that angry past the point of no return. There are many things in life I do not like, sometimes I voice my opinion, sometimes I don't.

The times that I will are:

- You do something to my family

- You disrespect me in any way

- You disrespect the military

If you disrespect either of those three things you will not like my reaction and I warn you now to STAY away from me! Now with that said, if you want to voice your opinion great, it is a FREE COUNTRY! But that freedom comes with it at a price!
Well this past week an "organization" realllllly disrespected the military! Now it has gotten me soooo FIRED UP past no return.

I understand if you don't like the war, some of us in the actual war don't either! But don't voice your opinion and talk crap if you've never been out here! Yes the US was attacked viciously on 9/11. As a military member and US citizen I was infuriorated, but I knew that when I raised my right hand in Feb 1997, Dec 2000, Feb 2005 and June 2010....I made a promise to SUPPORT and DEFEND the US from all enemies foreign and domestic. That will always be my mission until the day that I die! I've had choices at the end of each enlistment to stay or go. Obviously I stayed....because I will never abandon the US ever! While it sucks being out here in a combat zone, I know I am here to ensure the present and future freedom of the US..The FREEDOM to have the internet and speak our minds, the FREEDOM to live as we choose! But do not ABUSE your rights. What you see on tv is a "pretty picture" if you will of what life is like out here. But sometimes there is no happy ending. Just because you see it on tv or movies doesn't mean it will be soo great.
The face of war out here is scarier and more gory than ANY scary movie you will ever see! Because it is real out here. So when I hear people protesting the war, or picketting funerals for what reason??????? Yes we americans live in a free country but dammit, freedom is not free. How do you think the fallen SOLDIER, AIRMAN, SAILOR OR MARINES family feels? Come out here for a dam reality check!!!!! You can't walk to the DFAC or gym without seeing someone come out of the rehab facility with no left or right arm to be barely walking on crutches....or trying to run and you have to stop for a convoy who just got a vehicle blasted with blood STILL dripping off, or being all into your workout/work when at 1500 TAPS starts playing cos someone else got KIA!

Instead you choose to abuse your freedom to pickett a fallen military members funeral! Why don't you use your freedom to be constructive instead.....be there for the hurting family, send a care package to any soldier, airman, sailor or marine.....do something better with your time that protesting/picketting......
I can tell you one thing....there are americans out there that also have the freedom to burn your church down as free speech! Be careful ............you may upset the wrong greiving soldiers family.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's been a while....

Wow I can't believe its been almost a year since I posted my last blog post....
Sorry! Actually I have been really wanting to post stuff for months but the 
internet service I use made everything in afghani writing. Random I know but I didnt 
want to try and translate! 

I do plan to post ALOT more! Some may not be nice and sweet but this is my outlet! 
I do have some blogs planned.....sooo stay tuned!!!