Saturday, September 12, 2009

USAF MARATHON 2009...dedicated to my grandma!

The time has come to run another fave run..the Air Force Marathon on 19 Sept 09!
I can not tell you how very excited I am. However I am very nervous. I even went to my local
Fleet Feet Sports in Columbia for moral support (LOL) but only my fellow marathon runners
will know what I am feeling. I sorta have the nervousness you get when you are about to take a big test. I am not doing this race to place. Lord no. Just to run it for the love I have of running.
But this time I am running it in honor of my beautiful grandmother Marion who passed away of lung cancer when I was deployed this past February. She was always there for me. When she died the only thing that got me through was running. I feel like running this marathon is a perfect way to honor her and my love for her.
This race would not be possible without the support of my family and the great leadership I have at my base. My superiors let me take extra time everyday and come in late so I could train at my favorite running trail....
But in all honesty, I am just ready for it to be here already! I am excited! I love the base it is held at--Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. It is beautiful.
I will put up a full race report next weekend! I will try to update through the weekend as I am driving up on Thursday (almost 10 hrs!) and then heading home next Sunday.